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Faërie contains many things besides elves and fays, and besides dwarfs, witches, trolls, giants, or dragons; it holds the seas, the sun, the moon, the sky; and the earth, and all things that are in it: tree and bird, water and stone, wine and bread, and ourselves, mortal men, when we are enchanted.

― J.R.R. Tolkien

Elsewhere is a place where stories take life. Step across its threshold and watch imagination become reality.

Find yourself transported to the encampment of an enchanted carnival. A storyteller beckons you to his fire with promise of tales both strange and wonderful. Jugglers amaze with dexterity beyond comprehension. Creatures flit through the trees overhead; their shadows are only vaguely human. Music floats on the air, sultry and beguiling. You cannot help but follow its call.

Elsewhere is a travelling troupe of performers, artists, musicians, circus and craft folk dedicated to sustainable living in harmony with the natural world. Find us staging shows, telling stories, or playing music and games anywhere people gather in celebration: in green fields, fine ballrooms, pubs, parties or market squares. We take great joy in visiting new locations. Invite us to your event and we will happily bring a performance to suit any environment.

In Summer 2015, we from Elsewhere set out with our debut production: A horse-drawn, solar-powered storytelling circus – the first horse-drawn traveling show to tour Scotland for generations. We walked 150 miles through Stirling and Perthshire, living like the travelers of old – leaping under canvas and cooking over open fires. Along the way we filled the air with music, stories and circus magic. A brief description of the 2015 Tour is found below.

Elsewhere is a glimpse into the enchanted spaces where humans cross over to the Otherworld. Welcome to our world of living faerie tale.

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Our Shows:

That Pesky Pixie!

A band of travelling performers is plagued with mishaps whenever they try to set up camp for the night. Tent poles vanish, shoelaces tie themselves together and mallets turn into umbrellas. There is only one logical explanation: the local faerie folk are not happy. Fortunately the troupe have enough songs, stories and circus tricks to satisfy even this most mischievous and troublesome of pixies.

With high quality circus, live music, active audience participation and a technicolour sheep, That Pesky Pixie is 50 minutes of hilariously madcap entertainment for the entire family. The show can be performed in or out of doors, on the street or in a field to audiences of 200+.


The Faerie Prince: a tragic tale of wishes granted

Enter the tortured memories of Lord Cavendish Sinclair.

An aging bachelor, Lord Sinclair has long given up hope of a wife and family when a miracle happens. A mysterious woman captures his heart and bears him the son and heir of his dreams. The old man is beside himself with joy. But bliss turns to grim despair when he discovers that his beautiful boy will be taken from this world to become the next Prince of Faerieland. Horrified, Sinclair will stop at nothing to keep his son, even tempting a fate worse than death itself.

Performed inside a lovely canvas geodesic-dome tent to cosy audiences of 40 people, The Faerie Prince is 25 minutes of storytelling and shadow puppetry at its spine-chilling best.


Cavalcade of Miracles: H.E.A.T!

Professor Thadious P. Oddbody – alchemist, inventor and pan dimensional travelling showman - has just released his latest and finest work: H.E.A.T – Happy Ever After Tonic. An elixir with extraordinary properties, H.E.A.T fosters dreams, brings illusion to life and can even alter the course of history.

Arriving by fantastical horse-drawn carriage, the Professor’s band of hucksters, minstrels and circus all-stars demonstrate H.E.A.T to the good people of 21st Century Earth. What follows is a riotous, fast-paced street theatre blend of circus, puppetry, comedy and live music. Songs and silliness abound; bizarre scientific instruments fly through the air, and well-know fairytale characters testify as to how H.E.A.T has changed their lives.

All ages are invited to step outside the everyday and enter the fabulous world of Professor Oddbody’s Cavalcade of Miracles for 45+ minutes of music, magic and mind-bending circus artistry.

A Wedding from Elsewhere


We are pleased to present Elsewhere's new magical wedding package. Though ideally suited to Victorian, Steampunk, Alice and Wonderland, Faerie, Vaudeville or Circus styles, Elsewhere's weddings are custom-designed exclusively for those planning a truly unique experience.

Anyone who has ever wanted a pony ... Meet George. He is the sweet tempered, people and party loving piebald pony who toured with Elsewhere in 2015. He is the first pony to drive a carriage from the Kings' Stables in Edinburgh up to the Grassmarket in over 50 years.

Sitting atop Elsewhere's one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, polished oak carriage, you will arrive to the ceremony or reception in unmatched style. George, accompanied by his elegantly costumed driver and handler, proceeds at a gentle pace, allowing the wedding party to follow on foot. George and carriage can be available for the official photoshoot as well. Afterwards, both bride and groom trot off into the sunset.

Want more from Elsewhere?

As troubadours of the first order, we of Elsewhere will happily create a bespoke programme of entertainments. From walkabout circus folk, musicians and storytellers, to short family performances and evening cabaret shows complete with fire display, make your special day sparkle even brighter with the magical touch of Elsewhere.

Who is Elsewhere?



In his previous life, Kenn was a chief of te POOKa; the tribe of mischief makers who once inhabited the Big Red Door in Edinburgh's Old Town. The te POOKa clan visited communities around the world, sharing their love of circus, craft and story. Kenn was instrumental in creating many of te POOKa's largest productions, staged in both the natural beauty of Highland forests and the grand splendour of Gleneagles and Edinburgh Castle.

In the years since the Big Red Door closed and the Pook family disbanded, Kenn has been travelling, collecting stories, and working variously as a set builder, storyteller, rigger, leather craftsman, juggler,woodsman and ranger. He is excited to again be wearing the hat of travelling showman.


Lisette 'The Dutchess' Boxman

AKA Lady Lellebelle

Cosmic Chanteuse, Puppetteer, and all around Comic Genius, Lisette was spinning her creative wheels giving zoo tours when the gateway to Elsewhere opened. She jumped through with both feet. We're glad she did; some of the very best ideas flying around Elsewhere are frequently hers.

The road from Elsewhere can be long; expect more travellers to be appearing soon...

Tour 2015

The dust has settled; the tents are packed away; horses have returned to their home fields. And the first tour of The Elsewhere Travelling Storytelling Circus is officially over.

The summer has been, in a word, epic. The tour was an inspiring, infuriating and beautiful combination of magical imagination, hard work and bloody-minded stubborn madness.

There was laughing, crying, shouting, exalting, joking, playing. We got rained on – a lot. We tackled mountain passes and forded a river. We argued. At times, we were quite ready to just quit. But nobody did.

For three months we camped in, and walked through, incredibly stunning landscapes. We travelled over 120 miles on foot with three horses and three handcarts. We performed 20 shows, busked in town squares, and stormed pub karaoke. (Thanks Pretoria Bar!) We filled the air with music and brought smiles to hundreds of faces in tir na nOg, Tombreck, Glennlyon, Killin, Balquhidder, Crieff and Callander.

Along the way, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness, generosity and help of so many people. The gates on tracks and roads unlocked in front of us. Fields were made available. Our hats and music cases were filled with coins, bottles, notes, and food. Houses, showers, horses, lifts, clothes, lunches and tools, appeared just when they were most needed. Experiencing such generosity is a reminder that this world is filled with people who care. You are all amazing and make the world an amazing place.

To the crew of Elsewhere 2015 and all the friends we met on the road, to the crowdfunding contributors, to the folks at Vegeware and Labtime and to our audiences: you were touched by an idea, stuck with it, supported it and brought this adventure to life. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

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